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Property Owners
 We believe clear communication and understanding puts our homeowners at ease. To manage your Central Florida properties effectively we offer the following services:
  • In our initial onsite meeting with the owner we will review maintenance or repair issues that need addressed prior to putting the unit on the market. If it is not possible to do an onsite inspection with the owner we can visit the home and report our findings back to the owner.
  • We will review the Management Agreement with the owner and answer all questions regarding the management of the home.
  • Once the management agreement is signed we get to work immediately. We will take photos and develop a list of features and amenities to prepare an attractive ad. We will post the property on multiple websites.
  • We will process the applications of prospective tenants to verify employment, rental history, credit history and background checks. We will handle the security deposit disposition with the tenant to ensure that all the laws governing the deposit are strictly adhered to.
  • We handle all communications with the tenant including repair requests, rent collection, lease enforcement and every other aspect of the ongoing management of the property.
  • We will notify the owners of any repairs needed and obtain approval prior to the work being performed.
  • From rent proceeds and/or owner receipts we will pay vendors and take care of any recurring services such as lawn services and pool maintenance.
  • We will mail or deposit the monthly rent proceeds for the owner.
  • Owners will receive a monthly statement as well as an annual summary statement for IRS reporting.
  • We strive for tenant retention. Nearing the expiration of the lease term we work with both the owner and the tenant. We review current market trends and negotiate a rent based on this analysis. Retaining the tenant eliminates additional carrying costs to the owner.
  • Unlike most companies, Avilion does not charge for lease renewals and we do not charge administration fees.  
  • If the tenant vacates the home we will immediately perform any maintenance needed and begin to aggressively market the property to limit down time.
  • A move out inspection is performed by the property manager and any damage other than normal wear and tear will be assessed against the tenants’ security or pet deposit.
  • The security deposit disposition letter will be prepared and mailed to the former tenants.
  • We believe in fee simplicity and fairness. There are two fees involved with Avilion managing your property. The initial leasing fee is the fee charged for renting a vacant residence. If we manage the property it is 50% of one month's rent and is deducted from the first month's rent. The monthly management fee will begin in the following month and is 10% of the monthly rent taken from the rent proceeds. No money is earned until the monies are collected from the tenant. As mentioned earlier, we do not charge for lease renewals.
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